Cooper became a therapy dog earlier this spring. He now joins Julia Timmerman in therapy sessions to work with clients using Animal-assisted therapy (AAT). AAT is a therapeutic intervention that incorporates animals into the treatment plan. It is used to enhance and compliment benefits of traditional therapy.

In AAT, the client, therapist, and therapy dog work together in therapeutic activities. The therapy takes many forms, based on the patient, the animal and the goals for treatment. A meta-analysis from earlier this year shows AAT may produce positive outcomes for people struggling with depression, anxiety and stress.

Cooper is a Yorkshire Terrier mix. He is confident, playful, independent and loves hanging out at the office. He takes part in sessions by snuggling, napping or engaging with clients depending on their (and his) preference.

If you are interested in meeting Cooper the therapy dog and seeing if animal-assisted therapy might be a good fit for you, reach out today for a free 10 minute phone consultation.

To study up on how to make a great first impression with Cooper and any dog, this article has some great tips on having positive interactions with dogs.

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